About this Song:

Moira: My first idea was to do something with a flamenco flavour and rather obscure, humorous lyrics. However, my voice doesn’t suit that style. When Siobhan Dakay composed this deliciously laidback, vintage jazz number I knew it was the way to go.

Siobhan: The idea was to add an old fashioned and vintage Jazz costume to this song. Clearly there is a reference (hommage) in there to Stan Getz with the muted Horn Solo.



You came and sat under my apple tree, a friend of a friend
Bringing neither wine nor roses, only something that you’d penned
I’d never been given anything so original before
I found out later it was by Sir Thomas Moore
You feasted in my garden, I never invited you
But you were charming and witty and a damned good screw

You stayed a long while, I couldn’t get rid of you
Singing day and night, you sewed sequins on my shoes
Painted my walls orange, made jelly from my apple tree
But you couldn’t keep a job and were no good for me
I ended that dream of summer, told you to leave one day
But oh your smile turned lead to gold and you were a bloody good lay


Lyrics: Moira Waugh
Composition: Moira Waugh, Siobhan Dakay
Arrangement: Siobhan Dakay
Mix: Marcel Filler
Mastering: Christoph Stickel

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