Still Water

About this Song:

Moira: I love Celtic music and Siobhan’s setting here is just magical. This song is dedicated to my husband, Mark Bass.

Siobhan: The lyrics are all about love – opening oneself to another but getting not the same feelings back. This is setup as a hymn for broken hearts.



Clear as light on still water
I let him see how I feel
But his heart gives no quarter
He has walls made of steel

I laid down my cards
He’s seen how I play
He wants me for a while
But I’ll want him to stay

He’s anger and fire
I’m soft as a dove
His passion will burn me
Yet I’ll keep looking for love



Lyrics: Moira Waugh
Composition: Moira Waugh, Siobhan Dakay
Arrangement: Siobhan Dakay
Mix: Marcel Filler
Mastering: Christoph Stickel