Blackbird Song

About this Song:

Moira: Dusk is my favourite time of day, when the world seems to pause while the blackbird sings his pure, crystalline notes and the sun relinquishes the sky to the moon and stars.

Siobhan: A pretty simple setup with piano, horns, strings and a flute representing the crystalline notes from the blackbird song. The musicbox at the end is like a nice lullaby. Sleep well.



Blackbird, sing into the fading light
Here in the dusk, dividing day and night
Each note so pure and clear
As one by one the silent stars appear
Blackbird, don’t fly away too soon
But raise your voice to the falling sun
And the rising moon

Shadows stretch and the light grows old
Blackbird’s throat is lined with gold
Love and hope hold sway
While we’re under the gaze of the Milky Way
Oh Blackbird, don’t leave me too soon
But sing your song to the shy little stars
And the smiling moon

But sing that song to the shy little stars
And the smiling moon



Lyrics: Moira Waugh
Composition: Moira Waugh, Siobhan Dakay
Arrangement: Siobhan Dakay
Mix: Siobhan Dakay
Mastering: Christoph Stickel