How Lucky I Am

Release Date: February 09. 2016

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About this song:

In 2009, when I became seriously interested in singing, I was offered two wonderful songs written by (my now Husband) the singer songwriter Mark Bass . I chose to record ‘How Lucky I Am’ because it is one of the sweetest, prettiest love songs I’ve ever heard.

When I heard the accapella the first time (and knowing that Mark and Moira liaise) I immediately thought about „Captain Of My Heart“ by the Band Double. Not that the lyrics are related but I kind of had such a setup in mind. When I started developing the chords I tried kind of to adopt some of the structure of that song which also was one of my favorite songs back in 1985. So with this backtrack I drag my head for Kurt Maloo and Felix Haug.

How Lucky I Am2



Our love’s been a long time coming, building deep inside
Gonna be the love too strong to hide. Everybody’s gonna know,
they’ll look at us and smile, good love’s even better when it take a while.
I can take the old folks laughing, their knowing little smiles
I can take the talk about us, it’ll go away after a while
And I’ll be loving you, the only love I ever needed
when all is said and through. I think about you all the time
You know I do. How lucky I am
To be with you

And I hope you feel the same way twenty years from now
Glad we’ve found each other somehow.
A love like ours only come along one time if at all
The waiting on that one time really worth the fall.
I don’t care about your past, don’t care who you’ve done
Just want us to be together, two lives lived as one and I’ll be loving you.
The only love I ever needed when all is said and through
I think about you all the time, you know I do
How lucky I am
How lucky I am
How lucky I am
To be with you


96 BPM

Lyrics: Mark Bass
Composition: Mark Bass, Siobhan Dakay
Arrangement: Siobhan Dakay
Mix: Marcel Filler
Mastering: Christoph Stickel

Genre: Pop, Easy Listening, Jazz